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Deny, Deceive, Delay Vol. 2: Exposing New Trends in Climate Mis- and Disinformation at COP27

Following our unprecedented efforts at COP26, the CAAD alliance spearheaded a real-time unit to track, expose and counter anti-climate attacks around the 2022 summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (COP27). Managed by ISD, the initiative brought together the expertise and knowledge of 15 global partners, spanning Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa.

This report is a culmination of our research since October 2022, building on the insights from our ‘COP, Look, Listen’ Briefings, while laying a roadmap for action in the year ahead. The intelligence will drive CAAD’s ongoing work and advocacy goals, including: engagement with big tech to craft a proportionate, systemic response to climate disinformation on platforms; public education and ‘pre-bunking efforts’ at the grassroots; and work with multilateral institutions like UNFCCC to formalise the response to disinformation as part of broader climate policy.

The full report can be downloaded here.