Beam has been used in 10 countries and 8 languages, helping over 250 civic society and public sector institutions to respond to the information threats that matter to them. 

Explore Beam’s growing range of deployments.

Beam has already been used to defend elections from attempts to disrupt the democratic process, protect countries under invasion from information warfare, and expose manipulation of key information infrastructure. Find out more about how Beam has been used to shine a light on information threats.

Identifying Sock-Puppets on Wikipedia: A Semantic Clustering Approach
This paper investigates potential platform manipulation on Wikipedia using semantic clustering techniques to identify covert and organised manipulation on a larger scale.
Researching the Evolving Online Ecosystem: Barriers, Methods & Future Challenges
This report outlines the initial phase of a project supported by Omidyar Network and launched by the ISD and CASM Technology to identify alternative online spaces used by extremist, hate and disinformation actors and communities.
Antisemitism on Twitter Before and After Elon Musk’s Acquisition
An analysis of the volume of antisemitism on Twitter before, during and after its takeover by Elon Musk.
Deny, Deceive, Delay Vol. 2: Exposing New Trends in Climate Mis- and Disinformation at COP27
This report is a culmination of CAAD’s research since October 2022, building on the insights from briefings during COP27, while laying a roadmap for action in the year ahead.
Election Disinformation in the US
ISD and CASM have leveraged Beam over the course of three years to identify and inform the response to disinformation and weaponised hate online targeting two US election cycles.
Information Operations Regarding the War in Ukraine
Beam has been deployed consistently for the detection and analysis of pro-Kremlin disinformation campaigns since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
Election Disinformation in France
Beam was used to investigate disinformation and misinformation in the lead-up to the 2022 French Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
English-Language Disinformation about the Syrian Conflict
In 2022, The Syria Campaign commissioned ISD and CASM to conduct a digital investigation to help examine the extent of English-language disinformation about the Syrian conflict from 2015-2021.
COP26/COP27 Climate Disinformation Intelligence Units
ISD and CASM used Beam to power a Climate Disinformation Dashboard over the course of the COP-26 Summit in Glasgow in 2021.
Election Disinformation in Australia
CASM and ISD deployed Beam during the 2022 Australian election, training data journalists and analysts to use Beam to detect election disinformation.
New Zealand’s Online Extremist Ecosystem
CASM and ISD used Beam for a project commissioned by the New Zealand Department of Interior Affairs, mapping the ecosystem of online extremism.